Day Three

I’m counting today as a yoga day even though I taught because I demonstrated about 45 minutes of yoga poses as there were many new-to-yoga folks in my class at noon.  If I can unroll my mat again tonight, that would be great.  If not, I’m not too concerned.  Besides…

I’m sore as shit.  It’s not pretty.  You can read about it over at the Sol Yoga Blog, Shine.

When all eyes are on you, you tend to hold the pose longer or go for the more advanced version, only to pay for it later.  What can I say.  I’ve got an ego too, you know.

What could I have possibly learned in only three days you ask?  Actually a lot.  I have completely dreaded 2 out of the 3 classes this week, only to feel 100% better afterward.  Clearly exercise is one of those things you have to force yourself to do.  If you’re waiting to be the person that LOVES to exercise, plan on waiting a long time.

There’s also something about feeling sore that although is painful, is better than the pain and discomfort you feel from feeling creaky, old and out of shape.  There’s a power to this kind of pain, that is transformative.  So even though I haven’t lost a pound, my clothes don’t fit differently and my yoga practice hasn’t advanced in the least, there’s potential there that I can literally feel inside my body and that’s pretty intoxicating.

Makes you wonder why the hell I had pushed my practice to the back burner for so long?  I’m sure I’ve felt this way before – many times in fact.  What kind of dumb ass am I?

Guess that’s another topic, for another day.  Regardless, someone please remind me of this post the next time I chuck my exercise program, okay?  Promise?  Thanks!  🙂


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