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Your Saturday Morning Chuckle

We returned from our week up north, yesterday.  Sometime this weekend I’ll blog about how much I loved Canada and if they didn’t have that nasty season called winter I’d probably move there.

In the mean time, thanks to my Uncle Paul for hooking me up with a funny post for all the married folks out there…

It involves cuss words, metallic lawn decorations and how at the end of the day, the lady of the house knows best.   Need I say more?


Some Yoga Posts

I was the administrator for my yoga studio’s blog during our 21 Day Yoga Challenge, which piss poor excuse or not, is why I’ve been neglecting my own.

Here are 2 posts that I placed on their blog, Shine, this past month:

Falling Down and Beyond The 21 Day Challenge.  Enjoy!


New Year – More Yoga

Happy New Year.  So far 2011 is pretty cool (even though the Pittsburgh Penguins lost the Winter Classic to the Washington Capitals yesterday – UGH!). But other than that, life is good.  Got to hang with family and eat some delicious food and I must say, I’m ready to head back to Frederick and get 2011 cracking.

One thing that will change is that my duties at my yoga job have expanded such that I’ll be blogging for the studio at their blog, entitled, Shine.  Which means I’ll be doing more yoga.  Which means, I’ll be getting healthier.  Because of that, my blogging may be more along the lines of yoga/health/food these next few months.  Since this isn’t a yoga/health/food blog, I will simply link to those posts from this blog and if you feel inclined to head over and read about my yoga adventures, feel free.

The first post of 2011 is New Year – More Yoga.  Enjoy.

Bravo Momma! Bravo.

Quite possibly  the greatest blog post I have read – ever.

Back To The Blog

I haven’t posted in 2 months and haven’t blogged regularly in the past year (21 posts in 12 months is lousy) for a lot of reasons.  This time last year I was diagnosed with MS so I was spending my web time researching rather than writing.  I was also in the throws of a yoga teacher training program and then my husband was laid off and I needed to get my speech certification back, pronto, which lead to a month of online continuing education credits which took me into the craziness of the holiday season which then lead me to a 2 month long job search which then lead me back to work.

First off, KUDOS to all of the full time, “I-have-a-career-not-a-job” working mothers out there.  You rock.  You’re way more woman that I’ll ever be.  Could I do it? Absolutely.  Would I want to do it?  Absolutely not.  I’ve never once been a career type of girl.  I like jobs that end when you leave and health care can fit that bill since you can’t take your patients home with you, but the paperwork piece does linger. Honestly, my biggest time suck these last 6 months has been creating forms.

Forms for speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing problems.  Forms to assess speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing problems.  Forms to document said assessments.  Forms to document progress or explain my reasons for discharge.  Forms that can be read by a doctor, another speech therapist and an insurance claims adjuster.  Forms that comply to all of the asinine medicare standards.  Forms that I can fill out while I’m also assessing a patient and speaking to the spouse.  Forms that ensure payment.  Forms. Forms. Forms.

Fucking forms.

I started working at a place that didn’t have an establish adult outpatient program, so there were no speech forms to use.  I work for a company that doesn’t have separate PT, OT and Speech departments, so I didn’t have a speech boss to look over my forms (which would’ve saved me a TON of time).  My boss’ background is in physical therapy, so I couldn’t ask her about speech specific forms or the lack thereof.  My co-worker is a pediatric speech therapist that types up narrative reports, so it didn’t seem helpful to ask her and frankly, it’s not her job to oversee the creation of the forms that I need.   The hospital speech therapists use an electronic documentation system, as does the home health therapist, so basically I was on my own.  In retrospect, it was the best way to re-familiar myself with my field even though it did cost me about a month of my life that I’ll never get back (or get paid for).

Another reason my blogging took a dive was because sometime this summer a co-worker said, “Hey I found your blog online”.

Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

I was worried because as you might remember, I say fuck a lot.  I’ve said it 3 times in this post alone.  What will my co-workers think of me?  And what about my patients?  Can they handle my potty mouth?  Should they?  Most importantly, since I tend to use my blog to bitch about things in my life one could deduce that I would bitch about work.   I wasn’t sure how that was going to affect my blogging, or my ability to stay employed (YIKES!).  Therefore, I thought it best to wait until I was acclimated to my new life as a working woman before pulling out my keyboard as I’m much calmer now that all the forms are finished and I’ve adjusted to the gig.

The other reason for my blogging decrease was out of fear that my focus would narrow too much.  I didn’t want this place to turn into a full time Multiple Sclerosis blog.  Or a yoga blog.  Or a speech therapy / health care blog.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I just don’t want to reinvent the wheel as there are already tons of amazing blogs on the web that address all of the above brilliantly.

Suffice it to say, I feel as though I’ve officially transformed from Linda-stay-at-home-mom, to Linda-working-mom while carefully pulling these new aspects of my reality into the fold.  Facets such as MS patient; Yoga teacher/studio coordinator;  and Speech therapist have been carefully blended with mom, wife, friend, daughter and sister and now finally, blogger.

Looking back, I’m relieved that I didn’t write about this past year as it unfolded.  I’m glad I chose to simply experience it as it happened and allow myself the luxury of processing it.  Needless to say I have lots to tell you and who knows, I might even be able to do it without all of the cussing.

Dear Arianna

Dear Arianna Huffington,

I’m confused.  I’ve visited your blog portal, The Huffington Post, almost daily for a few years now.  I like your progressive spin on things, but I’ve got to tell you, my patience is running thin.   I went to your “About Us” page to investigate what you claim to be, only to find that there was nothing concrete listed about your “mission” if you will.  Thus, per Wikipedia…

The Huffington Post, is a liberal/progressive news website and aggregated blog founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti, featuring various news sources and columnists.[4] The site offers coverage of politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news, and comedy, and is a top destination for news, blogs, and original content. The Huffington Post was launched on May 9, 2005, as a commentary outlet and alternative to conservative news websites like the Drudge Report.[5]

Here’s the thing.  Your Entertainment Section sucks.  Specifically your need to show me the nipples of every starlet, a close up of any body part you deem imperfect, or just body parts in general in lieu of actual entertainment reporting. Today I have the option of looking at pictures of a Real Housewife snuggling with her lover, read about Hugh Hefner’s viagra sex, look at Jessica Biel in lingerie while reading about the 6 day diet she was on or be linked to fuzzy pictures taken with a telephoto lens of George Clooney attending the wedding of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.  And that’s just a few of my options before 8:00AM.  Imagine what other non-news worthy garbage you’ll be posting by noon.

Who runs this department?  How old is he?  I picture a pack of middle school boys sitting around a conference table deciding on content between burp contests and lighting their farts on fire.  And when they move on to armpit farts and get yelled at by the folks in the Ad Department next door, they get revenge by camouflaging the word “blow job” or  “eat me” in their coughs.  Aren’t you breaking child labor laws with these employees?


Honestly, if I wasn’t too tired to care, I’d write an intelligent commentary and take the 2 or 3 hours I would need to clarify my thoughts on all of this.  Instead, I’ll link you to this wonderful article that I found online by Amanda Hess and let her speak for me.

Sadly, you would think that I could simply avoid the Entertainment Section of your blog and be fine.  But it’s only a matter of time before all parts of your portal get ruined too.  Already on the Food Page there’s an article about a nude Mario Batali painting, a picture of Dita Von Teese provocatively pouring water down her decolletage for a Perrier Ad and videos of “The Most Bizarre Fast Food Commercials”  (shocking that they didn’t say EVER – see below).

The Living Section is pretty porn-free at this point, but it makes me nervous.  What does “living” mean?  Are we talking health and wellness?  New age living tips and ideas?  Fitness?  Medical information? By being so vague, I fear you’ll be less scrupulous.  I like a little science mixed in with my health news, not alternative wellness mascarading as mainstream health.  Let me be clear – I’m teaching 2 yoga classes today so I’m not against alternative wellness.  I just want my health information balanced and unbiased and at this point I don’t fully trust that you have the same standards that I do.  In the end I believe that you’ll figure out a way to sexualize the ADA Food Pyramid or start showing me celebrity x-rays and ultimately chose blog traffic over unbiased blog content, but to be fair, the jury is still out on that one.  I actually saw quite a few M.D.’s after the names of bloggers when I lurked around the Living Section this morning.

Your Comedy Section is by far, the most annoying.  You used to post clips from The Daily Show or give us political satire, reposting articles from The Onion.  Now it’s just headline after headline of “The (Insert whatever you want here) Ever” nonsense.  For example:  The Craziest Old People, EVER.  The Most Insane Preacher, EVER.  Comedian Nails Heckler With The Best Comeback, EVER.

Ever?  Really?  There was never anything better in the history of comedy?  If you keep claiming to have the BEST EVER, soon you’re not going to have anything else to write about.  It’s already happening in fact. On today’s page you enticed me with Anti-Violence Barbecue Leads To Most Ironic Headline Ever that is only a 1/2 page down from the One-Armed Man’s Arrest Leads To Amazingly Ironic Headline.  Goly Gee Ariana which one should I click on?

How about this icon, on the top left hand corner of my iMac? 

I think  Diego Báez, guest blogger at The Undomestic Goddess summed it up best:

The Huffington Post no longer purports to even resemble a viable News source. What began as an interesting foray into unexplored territory somewhere between the Big 5 Nightly and everyone-qua-eyewitness has devolved into a spiraling pit of irreverence and irrelevance, tending too often toward the latter. And if there’s something wrong with any of the above, what right does a “News”/Entertainment/Time-wasting portal have to post material that raises (or should raise) important questions about media and body image, the Male Gaze and representation generally, without ever seeking to resolve them? The product HuffPo offers is all of this together: images, issues, and the conspicuous lack of dialogue about either of the aforementioned. Is there something wrong with a company turning a profit off said product?

See you Ariana.  Send me an email when you’re worried more about content.  You still have time to stay relevant before you make the list: “Biggest Blog Portal Fails, EVER”

Linda Pruce

(Author’s note:  I didn’t link to the specific Huffington Post articles I mentioned on purpose.  I’m not going to add to their traffic numbers.  But feel free to head over there and browse around yourself.  You can easily arrive at the main home page, but clicking here.

To Blog or Not To Blog

My blogging has gone from twice a week to a mere twice a month for about 6 months now. Ironically, my stats are the highest they’ve ever been.  Apparently if you write a post about the Snuggie, you suddenly become Arianna Huffington.

There are a lot of reasons behind my lack of blogging.  The main one being that I’ve been too pissed off lately to post.  I think that readers deserved to be entertained and/or informed, not annoyed by my ramblings.  Everyone’s pissed off about something but unless you’re going to turn your anger into a kick ass comedy routine, save it for your private journals or significant others.

Truth be told, I’ve been pissed ever since the election and if this was a political blog it would make perfect sense to spend every post bitching about the conservative Christian right.  But this is not a political blog so I’ve made a conscious choice to not react to every Tom, Dick and Joe Wilson out there in “I’m such a fucking patriot – watch me be too much of an asshole to be part of the solution so I’ll just continue to be part of the problem” land.

See what I mean?  Not funny.  Just mean and very Rush Limbaugh like.

The other reason for my lack of blogging is because I’ve spent the last 5 months doing yoga teacher training.  A lot of my free time has been used reading up on the history of yoga, the contraindications of particular asanas and the proper sequencing of yoga classes.  Besides learning about yoga, I’m also taking continuing education credits to get re-certified in speech therapy and return to my previous life as an acute care health professional. Hopefully this time next year, I’ll be doing both part time.

The third reason for my lack of blogging is due to some changes to my health.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I’ve had a lot to process.  The good news is that  unlike a majority of folks with the disease, I learned I had MS from a routine MRI and not due to having any symptoms, literally “stumbling” on it this summer. Most folks with MS suffer from various symptoms for years, sometimes decades before having a definitive diagnosis.  Since my cart came before my horse I’ve been able to take complete advantage of this and start my daily injectable medication without any real complaints or concerns.  If all goes well, the meds will work at the level of my immune system and keep me from developing any more brain lesions in the future.

Therefore, I’m not sure what form this blog will take moving forward.  Don’t be surprised if you see more health and wellness posts and although I don’t want to limit my blogging to only MS and yoga, be forewarned.  I have just been diagnosed with a disease with no cure, that is unbelievable expensive to treat and that labels me as a person with a pre-existing condition. You can imagine what my next post on health care reform will be like.